Top 10 – Worst People To Sit Next To At A Sports Bar


  1. Non Sports Fan – Worse than the casual sports fan. Think Ted Cruz calling the hoop a basketball ring.
  2. Casual Sports Fan – Knows only stats from “his,” team from the one year they won a few games.
  3. Hometown Hero – Roots only for the home team and is deluded enough to think they can compete.
  4. Gambler – Only cares about the spread.
  5. The Couple – Guy wants to watch the game so is ignoring girl. She in turn wants to talk to you for attention to get back at him.
  6. Non Sports Fan Bartender – Wants to pretend to know sports but is really just a Cowboy, Yankee and Lakers fan because those are the only teams they’ve ever heard of.
  7. Sports Elitist – Only watches MLS because it’s the anti-sport until he/she realizes it’s growing faster than any of the other leagues.
  8. The Bandwagon Fan – Self-explanatory; if not understood, see Drake.
  9. The Significant Other Fan – Roots for significant other’s team because they are so in love.
  10. NBA Groupie’s Sister – Terrance [Jones] took my sister and me to Channing’s (Frye) house on the river. AKA I’m not hot enough to be the groupie but I want credit for coming in second.

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