The Batanga

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When you live in a city where you can’t waste sunny days you tend to leave work early to grab happy hour at your favorite patio bar.  Mine happens to be a sports bar where it really does seem that everybody knows your name.  This comes in handy when you ask the bartender to make a drink they’ve never heard of.

Last week as everyone celebrated Cinco de Mayo a friend and I did what most friends do on this day and recounted our adventures in Mexico.  He told me about a tequila-tasting tour he’d taken there and mentioned that he’d gone to a bar where they mixed Tequila with Coke.  Having never considered the combination my interest was peaked and we went ahead and Googled the recipe, which it turns out involves a bit more than simply pouring Coke on your favorite brand of Tequila.


The Batanga: Tequila Drink Recipe

  1. Use a highball, or tall glass
  2. Use a lime wedge to coat the rim of the glass
  3. Dip the rim in a dish of salt to coat
  4. Squeeze the juice of ½ lime into the glass
  5. Add ice to fill the glass to the top (preferably with large-sized cubes)
  6. Add a really generous shot of blanco tequila to the glass, filling it about halfway
  7. Top off the remainder of the glass with Coca-Cola
  8. To honor Don Javier (invented the drink in the 1950s in Tequila, Mexico), stir with a big knife, the secret to its flavor


Giving it no more thought that day we filed it away as a drink for another time.

Back to the patio bar today where the waitresses were in cheerful moods and the drinks were coming quick.  After having a few beers, they started to push us to get shots.  We kicked it around a bit and then the synapses fired and I got the idea to try the Batanga.

We each hesitantly took a few sips to test the waters.  As drinks go it may not be the go-to beverage to indulge in on a regular basis, but I must say it’s really a pretty good drink.  Not a bad idea to have up your sleeve on a hot summer day when you want to shake things up and bring an interesting story into the mix.

And remember, all the flavor comes from the knife!

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