When it All Comes Together at the Sports Bar


There’s very few times in life when two things you love come together so beautifully.  I was lucky enough to have it happen tonight at Kimo’s/Rattle Snake Mountain Brewery.  Former NFL lineman and Super Bowl Champ, Kimo von Oelhoffen who has played for the Steelers, Jets, and Eagles, has opened a brewery in Richland, WA.  It’s been a long time favorite that I’ve finally decided to write about.  This is a great sports bar that has an equal number of TVs showing the NBA Western conference finals and the Stanley Cup Finals.  On top of that they brew their own beer and have a gorgeous view of the Columbia River.  Honestly speaking, their food leaves a little to be desired but their beer more than makes up for it.  The go-to brew here is the Helluva Honey, a mix of their Honey Red and their Helluva Hefe which is a combo of Hefeweizen and American Wheat Ale.  Going during happy hour is an added bonus as they sell pitchers for $8 a pop (4 and 1/2 beers per pitcher). Although they don’t have plans to distribute any time soon, it’s definitely worth a stop in if you ever have a reason to be in the area.

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