Day 1 of NBA Free Agency


Day 1 is in the books and money was thrown around like never before!  The total dollar value for contracts agreed to yesterday was well over the $1B mark.  This is coming to fruition as revenues from TV contracts are making their way to the salary cap which is up to $94M (with an $84M minimum spend).  Let’s take a quick look at the deals we like, the ones we think are just eh, and the ones we hate.


Joakim Noah to the Knicks – Not everyone loves this one but we do.  He was hurt last year so his numbers don’t look great but this contract is much more than Mozgov and Noah has much more upside (even at this age).

Mike Conley staying with the Grizzlies – Sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your own at home and this is one of those times.

Dwight Howard to Atlanta – I like this more for Dwight than for Atlanta…let’s see if coming home will help him bounce back.

Chandler Parsons to Memphis – If he can stay healthy, him and Conley will form a great backcourt for years.

Evan Fournier – Said it before with Conley and this feels like the same boat; sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your own.

Andre Drummond staying in Detroit – SVG has a few tricks up his sleeve and a great big to build around.  Smart to lock him up.

Bradley Beal staying in Washington – Not everyone will agree here and I understand the injury concerns but he’s only 23.  After investing so much in the past few years giving him and Wall a chance to lead this team together is good business.

Jeremy Lin to Brooklyn – Might be my favorite move of the day.  Brooklyn needs a way to get butts in seats as they rebuild (without 1st round picks) and what better way to do it than with Linsanity back in NY.  Great fit for Jeremy too.

Ish Smith to Detroit – Good point guard at a great price. SVG up to his old tricks.  This could be a team to watch in the East very soon.

Hassan Whiteside staying in Miami – He gets paid and keeps the support system that has kept his hot headedness in check.  Win win.

Jordan Clarkson staying in LA –  Might be Lakers best move this off season. Young guard with talent that is no where near his ceiling.

Nick Batum staying in Charlotte – Portland shouldn’t have traded him. Ultimate glue guy that fits nicely with Kemba and Marvin.


Kent Bazemore staying with the Hawks – My only opinion here is that UA should be paying him for helping recruit Steph to the brand!

E’Twaun Moore to New Orleans – He was heavily coveted and this is an upgrade over oft injured Eric Gordon but NO is more than a few pieces away.

Justin Hamilton to Brooklyn – I’m not even sure who this is so at $3M a year seems like a great deal.

Solomon Hill to New Orleans – Once again an upgrade along with Moore. I can only assume Tyreke’s time in NO is coming to an end.

Mirza Teletovic to the Bucks – They definitely didn’t overpay for him given the market but he definitely doesn’t get too many excited either.

D.J. Augustin to the Magic – I really don’t have any opinion on this.  Wasn’t  fan of his at Texas and haven’t ever been a fan in the NBA.

DeMar DeRozan staying in Toronto – I understand Toronto’s play here as well as his motivation to stay but I just don’t love the backcourt combo they have with Lowery.


Joe Johnson to Utah – JJ left the nets to find a winner, then signed with a team that is still a few pieces away.  He should have let the dust settle and found a contender

Jeff Green to Orlando – The Magic have a log jam at the forward spot and need to let Aaron Gordon grow; this hinders that.

Matt Dellavedova to the Bucks – Milwaukee paid way too much for a back up point guard who had a few good post season games two years ago.

Evan Turner to Portland – This is the Blazers doing Blazer things; they should have used this money to resign their own and let the team grown.  Allan Crabbe will be a better pro than Turner has been.

Al Jefferson to Indy – This team is getting older and slower with this move.  They are the anti-Warriors.

Timofy Mozgov to the Lakers – Don’t understand this at all in any way shape or form.  He doesn’t fit the new NBA and he definitely doesn’t help the young guys grow.


One thought on “Day 1 of NBA Free Agency

  1. I never had any doubt that Mike Conley was coming back, we always resign our best players. Also, Chandler Parsons is the first big time free agent we have ever gotten in the history of our franchise. Hopefully his shooting and playmaking will be a nice compliment to Tony Allen on the wing.


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